Thursday, April 1, 2010

Standing in worship is more missional than dressing up

 If you are new to Church Growth Movement fellowships, you might find it strange to see us standing all through worship. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, it shows respect for God. When an important person comes into the room, it's right to stand as a sign of respect.

  Second, it weeds out older people. Only the strong and young can manage to endure long periods of standing, so this assures us of a congregation in line with our vision. If you get a whole worship center filled with old geezers, that's not going to shout out RELEVANT to a newcomer. So we use standing worship and loud music to shape our congregation into more of what God is looking for.

 Third, it makes up for our casual dress. The small churches are filled with people who somehow think that dressing up impresses God. We don't do that. But because they think we are less respectful of God by wearing our Hawaiian shirts and shorts, we can retort, "Well, yeah, but we stand and you SIT for worship!" and that generally puts them in their place.

Standing in worship also has the advantage of making newbies think worship is kind of like a rock concert. Our light shows and audio systems contribute to that effect, and it makes even the most hardened unchurched visitor stand up and take notice. Well, they kind of have to stand up, but it makes them take notice.


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