Sunday, March 6, 2011

Insights worth remembering

What I learned at last year’s Church Leader Alive conference:

If church was what it should be, how would it change you, and how would it change the culture around you?

    * “We wouldn’t be rushing around, looking for pens all the time. We’d be prepared, like the Boy Scouts.”
    * "Vision is a great term to use whenever things get a little dicey. No one can argue with 'vision.' "
    * I would learn what it’s like to be the sound guy
    * I need to "inject a little humility into my leadership veins," and not swagger as much. It’s good for image.
    * Great Leaders don’t get up at 10 a.m. and start tweeting. Great Leaders ask their administrative assistants to tweet for them
    * “We have confused purpose with action, and action with getting in the leader’s way”
    * “Your calling is not to be road kill for someone else’s high speed vision"
    *  You know your leadership style is finally effective when people avoid you in the hallways
    *  "God is calling us to greater heights; that means breaking a few eggs from higher and higher platforms"
    * "Being a leader means you have to absorb a lot of flack. That’s why you have staff members watching your back"
    * Don’t just pretend you are a leader. Put on your leadership glasses and move like one
    * Let your staff make mistakes a time or two before jumping on them. This conditions them for big, Kingdom work, missional work.
    * In life, nothing is free. In church, freedom must be earned. Earn it.
    * “Be bold and adventurous, especially with the time and money of others. It gives you a quality of dynamism without all the work involved.  Start by claiming your own parking space at the side door."
    *We need to stop dusting off the Bible in times of crisis instead of moving forward with our own profound words and thoughts.