Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The hyphen-driven leader

Though some leaders are gifted with natural abilities to encourage a team and inspire those below them, for others, it takes mastering a challenging skill set. Among skills relevant church leaders need is the ability to craft hyphenated terms that jump-start compliance and enthusiasm. Some leaders are better at this than others.
To excel at this skill, an artist-leader should read Gerard Manley Hopkins poems whenever possible, until the hyphens begin flowing naturally.

Common words to end hyphenated terms with are -powered, -driven, -energized, -focused. But don't stop there. Gifted leaders will combine innovative words into unique terms. Faith-enriched, team-minded, leader-energized, player-centric, attribute-plastered, performance-focused. Once you get started, it's hard to stop, so you have to be careful.
If you can combine two terms from the megachurch dictionary, it's a bonus. Soon your awe-generated presentation will be admired by faith-mechanized servant-leaders all over the region. What's more, you will inspire others to reach the same hyphenated heights!