Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrity Box Office Hit!

Cheeze Whiz Church is happy to announce the appearance of  [insert Christian celebrity here] at our sanctuary on Tuesday night. We are hosting the [Your celebrity here] Simulcast at 6:30 pm!!! Check out this video of [your favorite celebrity] speaking in his/her very own voice all about it. It is going to be an incredible event and we can hardly wait to see what God will do! 

Make sure your church gets involved with this if you are in the area! Be sure to speak to your [youth, men's, women’s ] ministry leader about registering for this simulcast, or find a church near you that is offering the same simulcast. Can you believe it? All over the country, all at the same time, words coming from the very lips of [Celebrity] will inspire and lift up millions of dreary lives. Believers all over the nation will be looking into the Word and [Celebrity]'s face together on this one glorious day, and that means the power of God will be here. Amen? And only for 25 bucks a pop! How cheap can we make God for you? The worship time alone is going to be amazing and worth at least 15 bucks of the cost. Be there! And bring your Bible, your wallet, and your friends!