Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A penny saved is not always a penny earned

As stewards of church resources, leaders need to be savvy as to when to devote time, energy and money to an effort. Sometimes a decision is counter-intuitive. That means what seems like a good use of time or money often isn't.

For instance, reason might tell you that heading up a Bible study each Wednesday night is better than watching college basketball on TV. Still, there are times when you need to get away from the crowds like Jesus did. College basketball might be just the thing you need.

Also, you might think that instead of a new speaker system for the sanctuary, you should install a handicap ramp. Makes sense, right? But it may not be at all what is the best use of your resources. If you install quality speakers, you might attract or retain those valuable upwardly mobile couples in your community who can increase your offerings significantly, allowing multiple handicap ramps in the future.

You might think that working hard each week is the best use of your energy, pounding out original sermons and digging into the Word. But as this post shows, hard work is not always the way to go. It may be that purchasing online sermons instead and going out for a couple rounds of golf, a dinner at Olive Garden, an evening with friends playing Kinect in your living room, a trip to the Gelato cafe with your wife, a helicopter tour over your community to view the marketing potential of the area, a therapeutic massage at the spa, and a soak in your private hot tub is a better use of your time.

It's time not only to think outside the box, but to start thinking outside the entire crate.