Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leverage social media to work for you

It's a new day, a new time. If you want to exert influence, and influence is what it's all about, you need to get up to date with social media.
Churches shouldn't be the last to embrace new technology; they should be leading the charge. Pastors who step ahead and grab social media by the horns will see fruit in the field of influence and be able to manipulate customers more efficiently than those who sit back and cling to their Bibles and hymn books.
We need to intentionally go out and give intentional pithy maxims on Facebook, post some intentional cool church photos on an intentional My Space page, twitter what we are intentionally doing every fifteen minutes and start REAPING!
Get with it, people!
Only by mastering social media will you be able to rub shoulders with other super leaders. How can you know what other leaders are doing if you're not twitting them and reading their twit feeds? You need to be able to learn what works and what doesn't from other business-driven church leaders, especially the big ones. So, it's time to get out there and connect!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha.....This is hilarious. Where do you find these links?

I had a look at the 'Catalyst' team... Brad Lomenick can't be serious. If he expects to run with the big boys he is going to have to change the image of his company. At the moment, its all about cutesy wutesy fun facts rather than actual expertise in their chosen field. Not exactly the professional look we need to go for Mr. Lomenick.

I had to laugh at the two Mr. Johnsons, related? But check out this CV...

"Chad Johnson is a Catalyst veteran, having served on the team for over five years, most recently as the head Concierge and leader of the sales team. He has an infectious personality, a funny little habit of twisting his hair, a really sweet and patient girlfriend named Kim, and a nice mom. Chad holds the record for wearing a different Catalyst t-shirt every day for consecutive days (21 days, if you’re interested in challenging him). He loves everything sports and is known as the company athletic director."

C'mon Mr. Lomenick, this guy is one of your best assets, and the only thing you can say about him is that he has stress-related, obsessive compulsive behavioural disorders and very understanding female relatives and an infectious personality (what kind of infection are we talking about here?).

If I was the image consultant for this company I would at the very least mention that he bears a striking similarity to Chuck Norris for Pete's sake!

Or what about this staffer who clearly has the experience and abilities to enable church leadership across the country...

"LV Hanson’s name really is LV, with no periods. It’s not an abbreviation - his name is LV, and he has a brother named DR."

But wait, there's more...

"he’s a former professional volleyball player who was once mentioned on The Price Is Right by his roommate, who made it on stage with Bob Barker

Or Jason Haynes...

"His systematic thinking and penchant for making lists then checking things off said list have led him to be a manger of projects."

Fantastic, I want this guy Jason to manage my project, the man can make lists. Not only that....he can check things off the that is the kind of church leadership mentoring I need.

Good grief...get me a triple shot of caffeine, my head is reeling...

cheezewhizchurch said...

Lists! That's the heart of it all. If you haven't figured it out by now. If you can make a list, you can make it big. Where do we find these links? Well, at Alltop Church, that's where

Sorry for the long delay. Hope to post again soon, but it gets pretty depressing mucking through all the drivel, so I had to take a break.

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