Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How's your vision?

Is your vision big? Is it gigantic? Is it growing larger every day? If not, you may need a "vision inflater." What is a vision inflater? It can be a lot of things. Usually, it's looking at the next guy's vision and knowing that yours is just a little bit better. Maybe a lot better.
More and more, leaders and visionaries are thinking outside the moxie.
These days, a vision inflater can be a book by a mega-author, a deep discussion session with your creative team, a purchase of new church management software -- or, most helpful of all, a pastor or leader's conference. Nothing recharges, relaunches and repacks vision like an expensive, but worthwhile, conference. So, if your vision needs glasses, look around and find a vision inflater. It will be worth your time.
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