Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fill-in-the-blank Christianity

The sure sign of a devoted Christ follower is a sheet of paper in one hand and a pencil in the other. Committed Christ-followers realize that there is much more to learn in their fellowship walk than they know at the moment. The ones to learn it from are leaders. If you think you can read scripture, pray and follow Christ, without filling in blanks, you are sadly mistaken.
What many novice believers miss is that the blanks matter. The lists matter. The notes matter. The seven ways to, and the three signs of, and the five steps to -- as well as the four ways to, the six rules of, and the three mistakes of.

Baptism doesn't matter much. How you take communion doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Last times doctrines, spiritual gifts and worship style -- all debatable. Church government, ehhhh!
But what matters more than anything else is that you fill in the blanks when you listen, that you look up to your leader with eyes filled with devotion and that you take copious notes. These are the three marks of a sold-out Christ follower.


Meg said...

Oh my, the amount of time we spent looking adoringly up at our pastor, endeavouring to flick to the relevant verse a nano-second faster than the person beside you, because that meant you were more spiritual.

Had a thought today, when was the last time anybody preached from James - didn't he talk about what true religion was? Taming the tongue? Clean water and dirty water not coming from the same cistern? Meh...all that fundy stuff - not relevant any more. It all goes by the wayside as we worship the golden pastor.

Provender said...

Yes, I remember doing the same thing. James is a rare one, all right. Can't put that into practice. It's social gospel!

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