Friday, January 1, 2010

God's Seven Hair Care Tips

Relevant leaders don't want to preach dry, boring messages straight from scripture. It's important that they identify "felt" needs and appeal to those. Later, after the unchurched seekers become regular attenders, you can hit them with the gospel, or not.

The important things is to focus on felt needs. And what is felt more than hair? Face it. You're always touching your hair. You always leave the house wondering if your hair looks okay. Hair care is one of the TOP felt needs.

So, how does God want us to care for our hair?

1. First, God wants us to HAVE hair, even if it's just a little. He's got the number of our hairs counted. That means, he expects us to have hair, enough to count anyway.

2. The fact that he cares about something as seemingly insignificant as hair means that little things are important to him. Yes, even hair care and hair style.

3. Is it okay for men to have long hair? Yes. Some of the greatest Bible heroes like Absalom and Solomon had long hair. God's okay with that.

4. How should we care for our hair? Well, we know that kings had their hair anointed with oil. That means that hair care products are biblical. Use some gel every once in a while. Anoint your hair and make it look good. You are reflecting God if you claim his name. Are you a Christ-follower? Then, look your best.

5. Don't spend too long in the salon. Both Paul and Peter warn women against taking too much trouble with their hair and focusing on outward beauty. Still, you don't want to look like a slob for God.

6. You can serve God with your hair. A woman in Luke used her hair as a drying cloth to wipe Jesus' feet. She served God with her hair. Make your hair a focal point (I wish my hair were ten-feet-high!) and you might just open up an opportunity to discuss spiritual things.

7. Gray hair is not a problem. Scriptures talk about gray hair as a good thing, a revered thing. So, if you're going gray, that's OK.


Anonymous said...

This is a stupid list. Pastors should be preaching scripture, not trivial little checklist things like this. What's wrong with you people?

Provender said...

Scripture is part of the old paradigm. How many scripture-based sermons can you actually remember? Not many, I'd guess. The new paradigm calls for relevant topics, subjects people CARE about. The unchurched will not come to a service on the gifts of the Spirit, say, or on starting a Bible-reading schedule for the new year. But they will come to a message on taking care of their hair because that's the kind of thing that matters most to them. The church MUST ooze out of the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure anonymous (above) was speaking tongue in cheek.

Provender said...

Tongue and cheek is all that's allowed here.

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