Sunday, December 20, 2009

A leader can do anything with power words

How do you show that God is behind your ministry? How do you reveal to others that your vision is the one to watch, your mission is god-breathed and vital? If you are gifted as a leader, there is a way to layer your visionary purposes over those of others.

Quality team leaders must cultivate an air of confidence and authority so they can shepherd sheep in a purposeful, intentional direction. Aimless wandering is a thing of the past!

Vocabulary is the most important tool in the spiritual team-leader's tool kit to create this sense of authority.

Certain key words create an automatic show of respect and produce awe. Memorize these and use them often:

Team, leadership, vision, intentional, harvest, passion, powerful, creative

With deft use of these key words, anything is within your grasp. Get to know them. Use them in front of a mirror. Emphasize first one and then another of them. Before long, they will become second nature and you will have them ready to go at a moment's notice, giving you panache, authority, and a personal radioactive sense that screams LEADERSHIP.

You can string them together in various forms and combinations to produce instant amazement. The WOW factor will be yours each time you throw these out in a new way. Experiment with different combinations until they roll right off your tongue.

Powerful team leadership is all about clarity of vision and intentional creativity

Visionaries with powerful passion can produce a mighty harvest for the intentional leadership team

Harvest the passion, and creative team power will help your group of high-powered visionaries to lead intentionally

Leaders with clarity of intent and powerful vision will create a harvest of passionate creativity

Team your passion with intentional harvest-power and watch as your creative team engenders a powerful vision of leadership

Lead with creativity and intentional teamwork if you want a harvest of passionate and visionary power

With these power words under your control, you will soon become a visionary team leader ready for harvest!


Anonymous said...

What about "purpose"? Shouldn't "purpose" be there somewhere? said...

"Intentional" covers that. But feel free to use "purpose" if you are led...

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